BPA Free Water Bottles for Hydration + Health

FLEXR is a new, revolutionary BPA-free sports bottle with a disposable and fully biodegradable liner.

The benefits of BPA-Free Sports Water Bottles from FLEXR Sports:

  • Flexible and squeezable, comfortable in your hand
  • No more plastic bottle waste that harms the environment
  • No more old, smelly, stale tasting reusable bottles
  • No more sloshing
  • No more toxins in your water
  • Save money
  • Protect your health

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All Bike Kits Now Include A Quick Disconnect Valve!
FLEXR Sports Remote Bike Hydration Kit- Twin V 21 oz.
FLEXR Sports Remote Bike Hydration Kit Combo- Front and Rear Twin 21 oz.
FLEXR Sports Cycling Jersey


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BPA Free Water Bottles from FLEXR Sports: Hydration + Health

BPA Free Waterbottles from FLEXR Sports are available in three sizes and nine designer colors, and feature disposable liners for ultimate freshness. They are used by athletes of all levels, from professional triathletes to hobbyist runners; cyclists to swimmers to hikers.  Read more from our fans on our testimonials page.

Does your water bottle taste great mile after mile? If not, try FLEXR’s patented, environmentally friendly, made-in-the-USA water bottles. They’re flexible, easy to carry, and always taste great. Browse our online store and try one for yourself!

We also provide a full line of top-quality sporting goods and accessories, including our unique bicycling hydration kits that provide easy, safe, hands-free drinking so you can keep your eyes on the road!